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0800 Don Rouch is a jewelry that combines technique, passion, style and materials of the highest quality.

Just as the lotus flower is born in the darkness of the swamp and floods it with its fragrance and beauty, our vision is to create pieces that illuminate people wherever they go.

Our jewels are of author, this means that they are thought, designed and forged by hand by our jeweler Don Roque.

Don Roque, Don Rouch, or simply DR, is a fine jewelry artist, who continues a legacy of several decades in the quest to perfect the art of creating unique and memorable pieces.

For 0800 Don Rouch, jewels represent the most important moments in our lives, and as such, they must be able to last forever. To achieve this, Don Roque continued working on the teachings of his father and grandfather, until he managed to find his own style, very different from everything else.

YSY A, one of the most successful and recognized singer-songwriters of today, made mention of Don Roque's work in his song "Todo de Oro", and defined it as follows: “Si quieren comprar con Dios… 0-800 Don Rouch”, which means if you want to buy with God... 0800 Don Rouch.

Since then, 0800 Don Rouch has been very close to the urban gender and its artists, supporting its own philosophy of vindication and self-improvement.

Our vision of creating pieces that illuminate people and every place they go has expanded beyond imagined limits. Now the brilliance of Don Rouch crosses borders and has become a brand with international reach, standing out throughout Latin America, Europe and the United States.

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